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EDSFB Duties

Esk District Salmon Fishery Board


Fishery Boards are the statutory body with responsibility for the management of salmon and sea trout stocks.


General Powers and Duties

  1. District Salmon Fishery Board may do such acts, execute such works and incur such expenses as may appear to them expedient for:
  2. district board shall have the powers and duties conferred on them:
  • The protection or improvement of the fisheries within their district
  • The increase of salmon
  • The stocking of the waters of the district with salmon
  • Under the 2003 Act
  • By any other enactment of a district  board within the meaning of the Salmon Fisheries (Scotland) Acts 1862-1868

Powers of Scottish Ministers (Part 6 Section 64)

For the purpose of protecting and developing stocks of salmon and trout the Scottish Ministers may-

  • Conduct enquires and investigations etc provided that no damage shall be done to such fishery and that no interference shall be caused to the rights of the owner or occupier.

Conservation measures: Sections 37&38 (annual Close times for salmon a d Section 38 Conservation regulations)

  • Section 38: The Scottish Ministers may make regulations under this section if they consider that it is necessary or expedient to do so for the conservation of salmon. In considering whether or not it is necessary, the Scottish Ministers shall have regard to any representatives made to them by any person having an interest in fishing for or taking salmon or in the environment

Designation Orders, Estuary Limits Orders, Annual Close Time Orders and Regulations

Schedule 1 (Follows from Section 39) Procedure for making orders and regulations :
District Boards may apply for:

  • Designation order
  • Estuary limits orders
  • Annual close time orders
  • Regulations under the salmon conservation regulations