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Where To Find Information

Association of Salmon Fishery Boards www.asfb.org.uk

Atlantic salmon Trust www.atlanticsalmontrust.org

Macaulay Institute (MLURI) website www.macaulay.ac.uk

Macaulay Institue Catchment Management Research Pages www.macaulay.ac.uk/water/

Fly Lines http://www.flylines.org

Rivers Association of Fishery Trusts in Scotland www.rafts.org.uk

Invasive Species Project www.invasivespeciesscotland.org.uk

Salmon and Trout Association www.salmon-trout.org

Scottish Fisheries Coordination Centre www.sfcc.co.uk

Scottish Natural Heritage www.snh.org.uk

Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) website www.sepa.org.uk

SEPA River Basin Management Plan (RBMP) PAGES www.sepa.org.uk/water/river_basin_planning.aspx

SEPA Interactive Water Body Tool gis.sepa.org.uk/rbmp/

Monitored Priority Catchment and Environmental Focus Farm background  http://www.programme3.net/water/Draft_leaflet_Characterisation_summary_2.doc

Tay Area Advisory Group www.sepa.org.uk/water/river_basin_planning/area_advisory_groups/tay.aspx

Scottish Agricultural College (SAC) website www.sac.ac.uk

Septic tank Leaflet  http://theriverdee.org

South Esk Catchment Management Plan www.angusahead.com/southesk

Laurencekirk & District Angling Association http://www.ldaa.org.uk/